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Data Loader ScreenshotForms Data Loader (FDL) is a tool to load data from Excel or CSV files into Oracle Apps 11i / R12 through front end forms. It provides an easy to use and cost-effective solution for loading test or legacy data into Oracle E-Business Suite. Although it is specially built for loading data into Oracle, it can be used to load data in any application forms running under Windows like SAP and others. Requires no special technical knowledge and can be used by any non-technical end users as data is loaded through the frontend.
Comes with the latest tool, HTML Forms Data Loader to load data into Web Forms or Oracle Applications Self Service Forms which provides 100% reliable loads without needing any complex setups. A must have for Oracle R12. Supports Oracle R12.1.x and also Oracle EBS R12.2.3 / R12.2.4 / R12.2.5 / R12.2.6 / 12.2.7 / 12.2.x


Thousands of happy users worldwide over a course of 15 years! Oracle Apps' most popular Data Loader!



Three different ways to load the data through Front End Forms in Oracle EBS or any other Windows applications

Macro Loading in Data Loader

Macro Loading

Load hundred of rows into Oracle Apps Front End Screens or any Window Application using Macros. Now comes with macro recorder 
Data Loader tutorial    data loader templates
Forms Record and Playback in Data Loader

Forms Record and Playback Method

Load thousand of rows into traditional Oracle Forms using Record & Playback feature. Several times faster than macro loading
How to record and play    record and play setup
Loading in Oracle Self Service Forms

HTML Forms Record and Playback Method

Load thousand of rows into Web Based Forms through Record and Playback feature. Completely reliable loads with error control
HTML Forms Data Loader videos    read more about HTML Forms Data Loader


Forms Data Loader Advantages


Quick Links

Forms Rec. & Play Setup Guide
Data Loader for Web Forms
User Guide
Data Loader Q&A
Demo Videos
Best practices for loading data into Oracle E-Business Suite



Compatible with Oracle Applications 10.7, Oracle Apps 11,Oracle Apps 11i & Oracle Applications R12, R12.2


HTML Forms Data Loader for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome & Firefox browser


We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent release, introducing the latest version of HTML Forms Data Loader. This enhanced version has been specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the most popular and up-to-date web browsers, including Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. By adapting to these modern browsers, we are ensuring that our users can enjoy a smooth and efficient experience while utilizing our tool.

Furthermore, this update reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and adapting to evolving trends in the web browsing landscape. With the announcement of Microsoft discontinuing support for the Internet Explorer browser, we recognized the need to adapt and provide a solution that aligns with the industry's shifting focus.

By launching this new version, we are enabling our users to transition seamlessly to modern browsers that offer enhanced performance, security, and compatibility. This ensures that they can continue to leverage the full potential of HTML Forms Data Loader while benefiting from the latest advancements in web browsing technology.

We are dedicated to consistently improving our tool and providing our users with the best possible experience. This new release is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of our valued users. We look forward to their feedback and the opportunity to continually enhance their experience with HTML Forms Data Loader.


 The new tool comes with many enhanced features like


Download HTML Forms Data Loader for Firefox, Edge & Chrome now!

Step by Step Guide on how to use HTML Data Loader for Firefox, Edge & Chrome


Why use Data Loader?

The answer is simple there is no direct way to modify data in Oracle Apps tables as Oracle Corporation says

"Do Not Use Database Tools to Modify Oracle Applications Data

Oracle provides powerful tools you can use to create, store, change, retrieve and maintain information in an Oracle database. But if you use
Oracle tools like SQL*Plus to modify Oracle Applications data, you risk destroying the integrity of your data and you lose the ability to audit
changes to your data.

Because Oracle Applications tables are interrelated, any change you make using an Oracle Applications form can update many tables at
once. But when you modify Oracle Applications data using anything other than Oracle Applications forms, you may change a row in one
table without making corresponding changes in related tables. If your tables get out of synchronization with each other, you risk retrieving
erroneous information and you risk unpredictable results throughout Oracle Applications.

When you use Oracle Applications forms to modify your data, Oracle Applications automatically checks that your changes are valid. Oracle
Applications also keeps track of who changes information. But, if you enter information into database tables using database tools, you may
store invalid information. You also lose the ability to track who has changed your information because SQL*Plus and other database tools
do not keep a record of changes.

Consequently, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you never use SQL*Plus, Oracle Data Browser, database triggers, or any other tool to
modify Oracle Applications tables, unless we tell you to do so in our manuals. "

Oracle does provide Open Interface tables but, it is tedious exercise to load data using Open interface tables.  Our tools are useful as they load the data from Front End Forms as though entered by a user and thus all the validations are performed.


Forms Data Loader loads the data using the following methods



Simulating Key Strokes (Macro Loading)


Forms Data Loader fills data in Forms by simulating keystrokes as though type by a user. It provides a spreadsheet interface where you can enter the data and keystrokes to send to the forms. Building Load is quite easy, you can learn building data loads by just spending few minutes. We provide a series of demos which demonstrates how the loads are developed and how FDL works. Although it is specially focused to load data into Oracle ERP Applications, it can be used to load data in virtually any type of application form whether it is SAP or HTML or any other application More...


To Learn more about loading the data using macros click here

Now build loads instantly using Macro Recording feature

Here is a Step by Step Guide on how to create Data Loader Templates easily using Macro Recording Macro Load Recording in Data Loader


Data Loader User Guide


Forms Record and Playback Feature

Using this feature Forms Data Loader can be used to load data accurately and several times faster than Macro Loading. It is more reliable, the load will stop whenever an error comes, It is because Oracle Forms will execute the load. You use Forms Data Loader just for developing the load.

Using this method you can load the data in Oracle Apps by performing the following Steps.

Step 1
Run the Oracle Application Forms in record mode and enter 2 or more records in whichever form you want to load the data.

Step 2
Open the recorded file in Forms Data Loader and add records by entering directly or by importing from a CSV file or Excel or any other delimited file

Step 3
Then Play the file saved in Step 2 by running Oracle Application Forms in Playback Mode.

This method is accurate and handles all errors and nearly 10 times faster than macro loading.

To Learn more about Forms Record and Playback Feature click here

HTML Forms Data Loader

HTML Forms Data Loader (HDL) is a separate tool, which comes with Forms Data Loader, to load data from CSV / Delimited / Databases into an HTML Form. It is a supplement to Forms Data Loader Tool which uses Macros to enter data in Forms. Since, HTML forms usually does not provide any Alt Keys (Hot Keys) it is quite difficult to load data into HTML forms using Forms Data Loader through Macros and Forms Record and Playback is impossible in HTML form. We used to get lot of mails from users expressing difficulty in loading data using Macros and they wanted a easy solution to load data in HTML forms. HTML Forms Data Loader is an answer to all these requests

For More Information about HTML Forms Data Loader Please Click Here


Data Loader for Oracle EBS R12 Self Service pages Video Demos


Create Customers using Data Loader in Oracle E-Business Suite R12


Which method should I use?


Data Loader How To's

Watch Macro Loading Video Demo

Watch Web Forms Loading Demo

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Celebrating 16 Years of Excellence: Oracle Data Loader - Empowering Thousands Worldwide!


Over the span of 16 successful years, our esteemed Oracle Apps' Data Loader has become the go-to solution for thousands of delighted users across the globe. Our tool's unmatched popularity and widespread adoption have solidified its position as the leading choice among Oracle Apps users seeking seamless data loading capabilities.

The overwhelming support and positive feedback we have received from our loyal user base are a testament to the reliability and effectiveness of our Data Loader. It has consistently delivered exceptional results, empowering users to efficiently load data into their Oracle Applications with ease and accuracy.

What sets our Data Loader apart is its intuitive interface, robust functionality, and comprehensive features that cater to the unique requirements of Oracle Apps users. From small businesses to large enterprises, our tool has proven its versatility and scalability, ensuring a seamless data loading experience regardless of the organization's size or complexity.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind the popularity of our Data Loader. We have actively sought user feedback, incorporated innovative features, and adapted to the evolving needs of the Oracle Apps ecosystem. As a result, our tool has evolved alongside the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions that streamline data loading processes and optimize efficiency.

The success and trust bestowed upon our Oracle EBS Data Loader have fueled our dedication to further enhance its capabilities and expand its reach. We remain devoted to delivering exceptional value to our users, empowering them to maximize productivity, minimize errors, and unlock the full potential of their Oracle Applications.

Join the ranks of our satisfied users and experience firsthand why our Oracle Data Loader has earned its well-deserved reputation as the most popular choice in the industry. Together, we can embark on a journey of streamlined data loading, unmatched efficiency, and unrivaled success.

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