How to Quickly Copy Data from Excel to Data Loader Sheet

If you have to copy data from Excel to FDL sheet. You can make use of useful feature "Paste Skipping Key Columns".  This option will copy and paste the data only in Data columns.

For Example if you have FDL sheet like this as shown below

FDL Sheet

And if you have data in Excel like this as show below

Excel Sheet

Then you can select and copy all the data in Excel as shown below

Select Excel Data

And then Select FDL window and right click in the first column and Select "Paste Skipping Key Columns" menu option as shown below

FDL sheet menu

FDL will paste the data only in Data columns as show below

FDL after pasting data

Now you can fill the all the key columns by clicking "Key Columns" menu and selecting "Auto Fill Key Columns" menu option. as shown below

Auto fill feature in Data Loader

Then FDL will automatically fill the key columns as shown below.

Data Loader sheet after Auto Fill

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