Activating Data Loader Full Version

After you purchase the full version you will receive a download link for the full version and 20 character Serial Key in the following format


By clicking the download link you can download the Setup File of Full Version of Data Loader. The Setup filename would be FDLFullSetup.exe

After successfully downloading the Setup file to your computer please run it to install the full version. This setup file will install both Forms Data Loader and HTML Forms Data Loader tools.

Once it's installed successfully you will see Forms Data Loader and HTML Forms Data Loader icons on the desktop as shown below 


Desktop icons



When you run either of the tool first time you will get a dialog box to activate the product as shown below


Activate dialog


Now to activate please click on the Activate button and you will get the Activation Wizard as shown below


Data Loader Activation Wizard



You can activate the product in two ways


ONLINE Activation

OFFLINE Activation



You can activate it through Online Activation which will be instantaneous. Once you enter your name , email and Serial Key the product will be activated instantly. Activating one product automatically activate the other product.



Please click here for Step by Step instructions on how to activate Data Loader through ONLINE Activation



However for online activation the PC should have internet access without any proxies or firewall. The Data Loader should be able to access it's activation server through net.  Companies who have strict network security will not allow Data Loader to access the internet and hence ONLINE activation will not work. In this case you can go for OFFLINE activation as described below



If you cannot do online activation then you can opt for Offline Activation. In this method the Computer where you are activating Data Loader doesn't need to connect to the internet.


 For Offline activation you need to send us the Activation Request File through email and then we will send the Activation Response file to activate it.


Please click here for Step by Step instructions on how to activate Data Loader through OFFLINE Activation




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