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Since remembering and mentioning Keystrokes is quite difficult in Macro Loading, Forms Data Loader comes with built in Shortcuts (Commands) for complex keystrokes for frequently used keystrokes.


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More Information on HTML Data Loader download dataloader

For Example in Oracle Apps we often use the key sequence Alt+Save & Proceed to save and proceed to next record. The equivalent keystroke for Alt+Save+Proceed is "\%F%V".


Instead of specifying the complex keystroke "\%F%V" you can use the shortcut *SP.


Data Loader recognizes a cell contents as shortcut (Command) if the preceding character is an asterick "*"


Data Loader also let's you modify the default shortcuts and change keystrokes to suit your own requirements.  To Change the default  Shortcuts / Commands simply start modifying whatever Shortcut or Equivalent keystroke you like and click Save.


Here is the list of default Data Loader Commands / Shortcuts

Shortcut Description Behaviour in Oracle Forms Equivalent Keystroke Sent in
Oracle Apps 11i/R12 Oracle Apps NCA Oracle Rel 10SC Other Apps
TAB TAB Key Key Next_item \{TAB} \{TAB} \{TAB} \{TAB}
ENT Enter Depends on Context \{ENTER} \{ENTER} \{ENTER} \{ENTER}
*UP Up arrow key Key Up \{UP} \{UP} \{UP} \{UP}
*DN Down arrow key Key Down \{DOWN} \{DOWN} \{DOWN} \{DOWN}
*LT Left arrow key Depends on Context \{LEFT} \{LEFT} \{LEFT} \{LEFT}
*RT Right arrow key Depends on Context \{RIGHT} \{RIGHT} \{RIGHT} \{RIGHT}
*SAVE Save Key Commit_form \^S \^S \{F10}
*NB Next Block Key Next_block \+{PGDN} \+{PGDN} \^{PGDN}
*PB Previous Block Key Previous_block \+{PGUP} \+{PGUP} \^{PGUP}
*NF Next Field Key Next_item \{TAB} \%G%{DOWN}{ENTER} \{TAB}
*PF Previous Field Key Previous_item \+{TAB} \%G%{DOWN 2}{ENTER} \+{TAB}
*NR Next record Key Down \{DOWN} \%G%{DOWN 3}{ENTER} \+{DOWN}
*PR Previous record Key Up \{UP} \%G%{DOWN 4}{ENTER} \+{UP}
*ER Erase record Key Clear_record \{F6} \{F6} \+{F4}
*DR Delete record Key Delete_record \^{UP} \^{UP} \+{F6}
*SB Space bar Depends on Context \{SPACE} \{SPACE} \{SPACE} \{SPACE}
*ST Select field text [none] \{HOME}+{END} \{HOME}+{END} \{HOME}+{END}
*BM Block menu Key Block_menu \^B \^B \{F5}
*QE Query enter Key Enter_query \{F11} \{F11} \{F7}
*QR Query run Key Execute_query \^{F11} \^{F11} \{F8}
*IR Insert record Key Create_record \^{DOWN} \^{DOWN} \{F6}
*CL Clear field Key Clear_item \{F5} \{F5} \^U
*FE Field edit Key Edit \^E \^E \^E
*AA Alt A Depends on Context \%A \%A \%A \%A
*AB Alt B Depends on Context \%B \%B \%B \%B
*AC Alt C Depends on Context \%C \%C \%C \%C
*AD Alt D Depends on Context \%D \%D \%D \%D
*AE Alt E Depends on Context \%E \%E \%E \%E
*AF Alt F Depends on Context \%F \%F \%F \%F
*AG Alt G Depends on Context \%G \%G \%G \%G
*AH Alt H Depends on Context \%H \%H \%H \%H
*AI Alt I Depends on Context \%I \%I \%I \%I
*AJ Alt J Depends on Context \%J \%J \%J \%J
*AK Alt K Depends on Context \%K \%K \%K \%K
*AL Alt L Depends on Context \%L \%L \%L \%L
*AM Alt M Depends on Context \%M \%M \%M \%M
*AN Alt N Depends on Context \%N \%N \%N \%N
*AO Alt O Depends on Context \%O \%O \%O \%O
*AP Alt P Depends on Context \%P \%P \%P \%P
*AQ Alt Q Depends on Context \%Q \%Q \%Q \%Q
*AR Alt R Depends on Context \%R \%R \%R \%R
*AS Alt S Depends on Context \%S \%S \%S \%S
*AT Alt T Depends on Context \%T \%T \%T \%T
*AU Alt U Depends on Context \%U \%U \%U \%U
*AV Alt V Depends on Context \%V \%V \%V \%V
*AW Alt W Depends on Context \%W \%W \%W \%W
*AX Alt X Depends on Context \%X \%X \%X \%X
*AY Alt Y Depends on Context \%Y \%Y \%Y \%Y
*AZ Alt Z Depends on Context \%Z \%Z \%Z \%Z


To Access the Shortcuts (Commands) List, click the "Edit Shortcuts"  button Edit Data Loader Shortcuts on the toolbar in Forms Data Loader main window.

Tip: Remember with the new Macro Recording Feature now it has become very simple to develop macro loads. The Macro Recorder in Data Loader will automatically recognizes all keystrokes and prepare the sheet for you. Please click the "Create New by Recording"  ButtonMacro Recording in Data Loader on the toolbar. For more information please click here

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