Building a Load (Macro Loading)


Before you start building data load, please study the target form carefully and identify how many fields are there and how do you navigate between fields and most importantly the fields navigation order. Please also find out the keystrokes used to save the data.


For Example Suppose we have a form like this.

Data Loader demo form use macro recording feature in Data Loader



By closely studying the form we have learned that to add new record we have to press "Alt-A" when we press "ALT-A Key the buttons change like this



and then we have to press {TAB} twice to go the first field. And, then to move between the fields we have to use {TAB} key and then finally to save the

record we have to press "ALT-S" and then again we have to press "ALT-A" to enter a new record and then so on..


In Forms Data Loader you can send a keystroke by entering the keystroke preceded by a backslash "\"  for Example: "\{TAB}" will send a TAB keystroke to the target application. For a list of Keystrokes please read the help file which comes with Forms Data Loader.


You can send data to the target application by just typing the data as it is in the cell. Forms Data Loader uses the copy and paste mechanism to send the data to the target application.


To build the load for above form we have to build the spreadsheet like this.










Notice the last column here we are telling Data Loader to wait for 50 millisecond before starting to enter new record. Delay field is very useful in situation where the target application takes time to processed data entered before processing the next keystrokes. You can adjust the delay time by editing the delay column.


Once you develop a load you can populate the load sheet by copying and pasting data from Excel or any other spreadsheet. Forms Data Loader comes with unique "Paste Skipping Key Columns" and Auto Fill feature which makes populating data from Excel very easy. 

After you have prepared and populated the spreadsheet press "Start Loading" Load Button button on toolbar. When you press this button you will get a window as shown below.


Loading Options Window 


Here you can specify the following Loading Options.




After selecting the desired options click "Start" button to start loading. When the Loading Start you will see a small on Top Right Hand side of your screen which will show you the progress.


For More Information about Keystrokes you can use in Data Loader, please click here

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