How to Load Data using Forms Data Loader


Using Forms Data Loader you can load Data Using Macro Load or through Oracle Forms Record and Playback feature.


Macro Load

Forms Data Loader fills data in Forms by simulating keystrokes as though type by a user. It provides a spreadsheet interface where you can enter the data and keystrokes to send to the forms. Building Load is quite easy, you can learn building data loads by just spending few minutes. We provide a series of demos which demonstrates how the loads are developed and how FDL works. Although it is specially focused to load data into Oracle ERP Applications, it can be used to load data in virtually any type of application form whether it is SAP or HTML or any other application

To Learn How to Load data using Macro Load Click Here


Forms Record and Playback Feature

Using this feature Forms Data Loader can be used to load data accurately and several times faster than Macro Loading. It is more reliable, the load will stop whenever an error comes, It is because Oracle Forms will execute the load. You use Forms Data Loader just for developing the load.


To Learn How to Load data using Forms Record and Playback Feature Click Here


Comparison Between Two Methods

Macro Load Forms Record & Playback Method
Easy to build Easy to build with one time setup required
Errors are not handled In-built Error Handling
Not Reliable Reliable
Load Doesn't Stop on Error Load Stops on Error
Load is asynchronous to application speed Load is Synchronous to Application Speed
Slow Nearly 25 times Faster than Macro Load
Can be used for any application window running in Windows Can be used only for Oracle Applications Forms




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