How to Record and Playback in HTML Forms Data Loader


For loading data you first need to record a load template and then you can reuse the recorded template for loading data as many times as you want. In this article we will be showing how to record a template in HTML Forms Data Loader with screenshots



Step 1

Click the Capture Button in HTML Forms Data Loader (HDL) toolbar as shown below


Click Recording Button in Data Loader



Step 2


After you click the "Capture" button HDL will show a dialog if you are using Internet Explorer 11 or above as shown below. Because of increased Security in Internet Explorer 11, you need to do these changes in IE to enable HDL to access Internet Explorer components for successfull record and playback.


IE Settings for Data Loader



Click "OK" button to continue .


Once you click OK button HDL will start "Capture HTML Forms Data Loader" window at the top of the screen and Internet Explorer Window below it as shown below


HTML Data Loader Record Screen



Step 3

Now type in the Oracle EBS URL in the address box of IE window.




Login to Oracle EBS with your username and password



Login to Oracle Apps



After logging, navigate to your desired form you want to record and  press "Start Button" in the "Capture" Window as shown below


For Example, if we want to record Suppliers Form, Navigate to "Payables" responsibility and click  Entry link unders "Suppliers" heading


Start recording in HTML Data Loader


Step 4

Now enter a sample record just as you do normally by clicking buttons and entering texts in the required fields in Oracle Form.

Just as you are typing and clicking on items in IE window you can notice that HDL is capturing all the items in "Capture" Window.


After you have finished entering the sample record. Click "Stop Recording" and then  "Finish" button.


Recording Suppliers in Data Loader



Step 5

Once you click "Finish" button Capture and Internet Explorer Windows will close and you will see all the captured Items in HDL sheet as shown below


Recorded Items in HTML Data Loader



Note:   We  may need to delete any Items which are captured unintentionally. Like in this case for example, Image Link after "Country of Origin" is not required so we can delete it by right  clicking on the column and choosing "Delete Column" option.


You can now click "Save" button on toolbar to save this template.


Step 6

Now whenever you want you can open and populate the sheet with your data by Copying and Pasting from Excel or and other Worksheet and Click load button to start loading in the Oracle EBS form.


Let's say suppose we have Excel Sheet (shown below) containing the Suppliers data which we want to load into Oracle Apps.

Suppliers data



Let us Copy and Paste the data into our HDL template.


Select the suppliers data from Excel Sheet i.e. A4 to F14 and copy it.


Now Select the HDL window and place the cursor on "Organization Name" column and right click on it.  Right clicking will show a menu as shown below



HTML Data Loader Context Menu


 from this menu select "Paste into Text Columns only" option and then HDL will paste the data into text columns only as shown below


Data pasted from Excel



To populate the other columns i.e. Buttons, links etc. Click the "Fill" menu and choose "Auto Fill" option as shown below


Auto fill in HTML Forms Data Loader


If you want you can save the file by choosing "Save As..." option from File menu.


After clicking the "Auto Fill" option HDL will populate the remaining columns as shown below


Note: You may have to Reset the column of some image columns by right clicking on it as HDL will try to Auto Fit contents


HTML Data Loader Prepared load


The sheet is now prepared, now let us load it into Oracle EBS Form.


Step 7

Click Load button on the toolbar and HDL will open the "Load" window and as well as IE window as shown below


Start Loading in HDL


HDL will also try to navigate to the recorded form automatically.


Sometimes HDL cannot navigate to the recorded form automatically due to session getting expired or other reason, if this is the case then you have to logon to the Oracle EBS by typing the URL in opened IE Window and navigate to the recorded form manually.


Once you see the desired form in IE window click the "Start Loading" button in "Load" window on top


When you click the Start Loading button HDL will prompt you for load settings by showing a dialog as shown below


HTML Data Loader Load Settings


In this dialog you can choose the speed with which data should be loaded into Web page and also specify Error Control. i.e, what should be done if a field is not found in the page and so on.. for details about this dialog please refer to other sections of the help.


We can leave all things to the default and just press OK to start the playback.


As soon as you click OK button you can watch the playback in progress in IE window i.e. items getting filled automatically.


After loading is finished the Load window will show the status about how many rows were loaded and the time taken etc. It will also indicate that loading is finished.


Once loading is finished you can click "Exit" button to close the Load and IE Windows.


Data Loader: Load finished



After loading is over HDL will mark the rows with Green for those rows which were loaded successfully and Red Color for those rows which got errors and were not loaded successfully. So that next time you can skip successful rows and load only unsuccessful rows.


After loading is over you can close the Load Data window and save the spreadsheet for future use. The files will be saved with "*.hdl" extension

If again afterwards you want to load the data in the same Form. Just open the saved file and populate the spreadsheet with new data and click the Start Loading button.


This tour just shows you a simple way to load data in HTML forms. In fact, you can also use Macros (keystrokes) along with HTML Forms items to load the data in complex HTML Forms. To see how this works see the Demo 2 by clicking Demo Button in the HDL toolbar.


The recording of the HDL Template is one time excersise, once you record a template you can reuse it as many times as you want by populating it different data.



You can view all the above steps in action by viewing the demo video. Please click here to view the Add Suppliers video



Once you recorded a template you can use it to load data into another Oracle EBS instance also. Please click here for how to.


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