How to reuse the Data Loader Template  recorded in one Oracle EBS instance  in another  Instance.


Organizations usually have multiple instances of Oracle Apps running on different servers.

They are usually termed as


1. Test Instance

2. Demo Instance

3. Production / Live Instance


If you a have recorded a HTML Forms Data Loader template in one instance then you can use the same template to load the data in another instance provided they are of the same Oracle EBS version.



For Example let's say suppose we have successfully recorded and loaded data into Test Instance and Now we want to use the same *.hdl file to load the data into Production instance


And let us assume the URL's of Test and Production instances are as follows


Test Instance:      
Production Instance:


To load the data into another instance please do the following

1. Open the HTML Forms Data Loader template (*.hdl) file and populate data in it.


HTML Data Loader Prepared load

2. Click Load button on the toolbar


Load button in Data Loader

3. Then HTML Forms Data Loader (HDL) will try to navigate to the Saved Test Instance URL. At this time there will be two possibilities, either It will give an error if it cannot navigate to the Test Instance (if it's not available) OR it will navigate to the Test Instance


 Start Loading in HDL

Whatever be the case, since we wanted to load the data into production instance, enter the URL

 of Production instance  in the IE window opened by HDL and navigate to the desired form manually.


Data Loader R12 navigate

Once you reach the desired form in Production Instance, please click the "Start Loading" button in the top HDL Window as shown below


Start Loading button


Now HDL will start playback  in the production instance.


And when you save the template (*.hdl) file It will also save the URL of the production instance in the template for future use.


That's it. Thanks for reading.



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