Data Loader Templates


Here are some Sample Forms Data Loader Templates which can be used to prepare loads. Please note that these are just Sample templates, You have to modify these templates according to your Oracle Apps installation and configuration.


Tip: In the latest version of Forms Data Loader. You can easily prepare Macro Loads by Recording keystrokes and mouse clicks. Please click the "Create New By Recording" Item in "File" menu.


Macro Load Templates


Define_Menus_11_5_3_with_Shortcuts Define Responsibilities Define Users 11.5.3 or 11.5.5
Define_Menus_11_5_3 Define Users with Multiple Responsibilities   
Suppliers Customers  
Fixed Asset Categories    


If you have develop your own templates and want to share it, you can send us the template file as an attachment to the following email address . If found useful we will publish the template along with your Name.


From Oracle Applications R12, Oracle changed many forms to Self Service Forms (Web Based). Please use our special tool HTML Forms Data Loader to load the data into Self Service Forms.

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