Loading Data by using Oracle Forms Record and Playback Method


This method is used to load data into Oracle Java Applets forms also known as Oracle Core Forms or Oracle Traditional Forms


Using this feature Data Loader can be used to load data accurately and several times faster than Macro Loading. It is more reliable, the load will stop whenever an error occurs, because although load is build using Data Loader it is executed by Oracle Forms.


Using this method you can load the data in Oracle Apps by performing the following Steps.


 First Setup Oracle Forms for Record and Playback. If you have not configured Oracle Forms for record and playback then do so before proceeding.

 Click here for Setup Procedure


Step 1

In a windows client and login as user for whom you turn on recording and open the required form and enter at least 2 sample records please follow the given guidelines while recording


Guidelines for Recording Loads.


Step 2

Open the recorded file in Forms Data Loader, FDL will ask you to identify the First Field and Last Field of repeating section as shown below. Here Select the First and Last Repeating Fields of the First Sample record you have entered in the above step while recording the file


Data Loader record and play


Accurately selecting the First and Last field of the repeating section is crucial for correct execution of load.


Step 3

Once you have identified the first and last field of repeating section Data Loader will show a spreadsheet showing the records you have entered in forms as shown below.

Data Loader Record and Playback Template


Now you can add records to the spreadsheet by directly typing or importing from Excel CSV files or from any delimited file. You can also copy and paste the data from any spreadsheet.


Once you have populated the spreadsheet save the file. When you save the file Forms Data Loader will generate the code necessary for playing the file in Oracle Forms. You can click the Edit Data Loader Sheet button to view the code.


Step 4

Now take this file to the machine where forms server is running and copy it to the location usually $COMMON_TOP/admin/log directory by giving the name which you have specified in "play=" option in profile settings while configuring Oracle Forms for Record and Playback.

If you can directly open forms without going through sign-on pages then you can type the record and play file in the address itself like for example





In Windows



Oracle Forms will start loading the records as soon as forms is open. Step 5 is not needed if you are opening the forms directly.


Step 5

Now login to Oracle Application as a user for whom you have set the profile setting for playback and open the desired form. Oracle Forms will start loading the records as soon as forms is open.


A Step by Step Guide for loading data into Oracle Java Applet Forms using Forms Record & Playback method is available here for R12

and for Oracle R12.2.4, R12.2.5 is available here

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