Setup Oracle EBS / Apps R12 for Forms Record and Playback

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Oracle Forms supports record and playback feature. This feature is available in every version of Oracle Forms. When you run Oracle Forms in record mode. Oracle Forms Records every keystroke and mouse clicks and writes everything  in a file specified by you. This file can be opened in Forms Data Loader and it will show the recorded fields in spreadsheet format. You can populate the FDL sheet from Excel or CSV files and save it.  You can then copy this file to the Oracle Forms Server and start the the Oracle Forms in playback mode to load the data from this file.


You can also use this method to load the in another Oracle Instance.


For Example  if you enter a Purchase Order in order entry system while in record mode. If you want to re-enter this purchase order in another system, just playback that file in another system and then that purchase order is loaded into second system.


The following steps shows how to enable record and playback feature in Oracle Forms and use Data Loader to load the data using this method.


Remember loading data through this method is reliable and several times faster than loading data through Macros.


Step 1:- 


(You will need  the help of APPS DBA or SYSADMIN for performing this step)


Create two user accounts in Oracle Apps and grant the desired responsibilities. Both the users should have the same responsibilities.


REC_USER :     For Recording
PLAY_USER:    For Playback


To create user accounts login as sysadmin and navigate to System Administrator  / Security / Users / Define



After creating the REC_USER, create another user account PLAY_USER as shown below




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