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Step 2

Now leave the Users Form in Oracle EBS as it is and start Forms Data Loader by clicking on it's icon.

When Data Loader is started you will see it's Window similar to as shown below

Data Loader window

Now Click on "Create New by Macro Recording" button on the toolbar

When you click this button Data Loader will show a Record Macro Dialog Window as shown below

Data Loader record macro window

In this dialog window Check the "Record Mouse Clicks" checkbox if you also want to record Mouse Clicks.

Now Click "Start Recording" button and you will see this window is minimized and moved to top right side of your desktop screen showing the Oracle EBS Users Form.

Now start entering the fields in Users Form in Oracle EBS as you would do normally. You can also use Special Keys like Ctrl or Alt or Function keys as you like.

Let's enter a sample record in Users Form as shown below

Filled Users form in Oracle EBS / Apps

After you want finsihed entering the required fields press ALT+V to Save the Record and Proceed.

Now Click "Stop Recording" button in Data Loader Record Macro Window which was minimized. You will see that Data Loader has recorded all the keystrokes and mouse clicks shown in the picture below

Record Macro window after recording

Now Click Create Load Button and then Forms Data Loader Sheet will be build as shown below

Data Loader sheet build by recording

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