As it is difficult to type in complex keystrokes, Forms Data Loader provides you with the feature of defining Shortcuts for commonly used keystrokes. In fact, FDL comes with the default shortcuts for commonly use keystrokes. You can customized or define your own shortcuts.


For Example. In Oracle Apps 11i  the Keystroke to save the record and to proceed is "ALT-FV" i.e. "%FV". If you want to use this keystroke you have to type in "\%FV" in the cell. Similarly if you want to use the same worksheet for loading the data in other application this keystroke will not work i.e. different keystrokes has to be use to save the record in other applications. Then again you have to edit the worksheet and replace "\%FV" with the new keystroke.


So Instead of typing the keystroke directly you can define a shortcut for this keystroke for different applications and then use this Shortcut in worksheet. Then while loading select the target application type and Data Loader will use the proper keystroke define for this shortcut.


Shortcuts or commands in Data Loader




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