Automatically Executing / Scheduling Data Loader Macro Loads


You can automatically start data loader macro load playback by calling Data Loader Executable from command line with run arguments


For example to run a previously saved file "c:\test.dlf" user can issue the following command from command line prompt in windows


C:\Program Files\Forms Data Loader\FDLoader.exe -run c:\test.dlf

The above will automatically load the data from test.dlf in the target application without any prompts.

For the above to work, the following must be true



In addition to the above if you need to run the load periodically, you can also add schedule task in windows by adding a job in Windows Task Scheduler



Example on how to create a Data Loader Schedule Job


Suppose you have already created and tested a macro load and now you want to schedule it to run at  at 10AM everyday. To schedule it using Windows Task Scheduler do the following


Assuming that the Data Loader Macro load file is saved as "C:\JustTemp\Test.dlf"  and you have already tested & run it at least once.


1. Start Task Scheduler by clicking Start Button and then typing Task Scheduler in the run textbox, as shown below


call windows task scheduler



2. You will now see Task Scheduler Window similar to shown below


windows task scheduler window


3. To add a new Schedule Job, please click on Action --> Create Basic Task


create basic task


4. Now, you will be prompted to enter the Task Name and Description. Enter the following details and press Next Button

task name


5. In the next screen, you will be asked how often the task should run. Select Daily and click Next


task interval


6. Enter the time as 10AM and click next


task interval time


7. In the next Screen you will be asked, what type of Action you want to perform. Select "Start a program" and click next


8. Then you will prompted to enter the program name and to optionally enter any arguments.


dataloader task


Click Browse Button to and select the Forms Data Loader executable (It's usually installed in Program files (x86) folder)


Enter -run c:\justtemp\test.dlf as arguments and click next


9. Now you will be shown the details of the Task which we have just created. Click Finish to close the Task Scheduler.



That's it, everyday dataloader will open the macro load file and load the data into Target Application. If the Target Application is not running Data Loader will show a message as shown below.


dataloader target window not existing warning


You have to ensure that Target Application window is visible either by executing another Task just before this Task to open the target application or  open the Target Application window manually.



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