Export data from Oracle EBS Forms to Excel / XLS


Many a times there is a need to view and edit data existing in an Oracle EBS Forms in Excel. Oracle has made this very easy, you can achieve this with few clicks.


You can only export the data which is in tabular format in forms. That is, you can export data of only detail section in a Master - Detail form, you cannot export the data in Master section of Master - Detail form


Here is a sample Master Detail form in Oracle Apps R12.


Sample Master Detail form in Oracle Apps R12



To Export the data in detail section of the form you need to place the cursor in any field of the detail section and click File -> Export menu.


Note: The Export option will be disabled in the menu by default, it will get enabled only when the cursor is in detail block of the Master Detail form.


Once you click Export option in the menu the data will be exported and if you have Excel or similar Spreadsheet software installed, it will be opened and you will see the data in the Excel sheet.


For Example, suppose we need to export "Key Flexfield Segments" data to Excel then do the following



Step 1

Login to Oracle Apps and open General Ledger -> Setup -> Financial -> Flexfields -> Key -> Segments form


The Segments form will open as shown below


Key Segments form in Oracle EBS


Step 2

Place the cursor in Application field and press F11 (Enter Query) and Ctrl+F11 (Execute Query)

Once you click these keys the data will be populated in the form as shown below


Data Loader: General Ledger Segments Form


Step 3

You can now press Up or Down arrow keys to view different flexfields.


Once your desired flexfield is shown,  place the cursor in any field of the detail section and Click File - > Export menu as shown below


Data Loader : Export menu


As soon as you click Export you will see the "Progress" dialog showing the status of data export, as shown below


Data Loader : Data Export Progress



After Oracle has finished exporting the data ( it will actually generate and saves the data in Excel Sheet) you will get a dialog window to open the Excel Sheet as shown below


Data Loader : Open Excel file


Press OK to open the file in Spreadsheet program and you will see the data in the sheet as shown below


Data Loader : Data Exported from Oracle EBS Form



That's it! this is how easily you can export the data of any Oracle E Business Suite form to Excel


Thanks for reading.


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