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When I try to click on the button to add “vat specifications” in French “ajouter une ligne” there is 3 bottom in the same page which have the same name “ajouter une ligne” (and the 1st one is by default chosen) in this page vat specification of the customer must be added.

But I am not able to click on the button requested, the first one is by default chosen and the one I want to choose is at the bottom of the page.




Do you know how I can specify through the data loader that I want to click directly on “ajouter une ligne “ (add a line) but the one who is at the bottom of the page.

Hope it was clear you can see enclosed screen shot and the video,

Regards and many thanks in advance for your help,





Have you tried inserting "Mouse Clicks" or "Keystrokes" like "\{ENTER}" for sending the "Enter" key?

Because if a form has multiple items with the same name then HDL will try to access the item in the page with same name and when it access the first item it process the item.

To help in these situation you can use Mouse Clicks to click the button. Please select column in HDL sheet and right click and select "Insert Column->Mouse Click" option from the menu and capture the mouse coordinates by clicking appropriately in the area where that Button comes. Once you have done then HDL will simulate a Mouse Click on that coordinate while playing.

Or you can also try "\{TAB}" keystrokes to navigate to that particular item and then use "\{ENTER}" or "\{SPACE}" keystroke to click that button. Please see the Demo 2 in the demo screen which shows how to integrate keystrokes in HDL.

Hope this helps.




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