Row marked as red even though it's properly loaded in Oracle?




We recently purchased the HTML Data Loader 2.6 and I noticed after loading data into Oracle E-Business R12 that the rows display RED after successfully loading data.


The rows are only supposed to display red when there is an error loading that specific row of data. IT makes hard for me to tell which row loaded successful and which one did not so that I can provide an exception report to my client.


hdl sheet



Can you please provide a patch or some guidance to getting this issue corrected?




Thanks for writing to us.

While loading if HDL is not able access a item it will mark this item as "Dark Red" and the whole row is marked as light red .

It might be some item which is not essential got recorded during recording and while loading HDL is not able to access that item, although, it is able to access all other items. So this could be the reason why you are seeing the rows are loaded in Oracle R12 even though the row is marked as red in HDL sheet.

To avoid this, please see which item in HDL sheet is getting error (marked as Dark Red) and try to delete this item by right clicking and choosing "Delete Column" option.

Hope this helps.



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