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 I'm trying to implement the Formdataloader in R12 application at our company.

We have done the setting up and edited the Profile Option: ICX: Forms Launcher at user level:

Then we performed step 1 (recording a testfile).

Now we cannot find the file anywhere. My DBA has searched for the file on the server and he cannot find it in any directory on the server.

We expect to find the file here: /opt/oraappl/AEBS/inst/apps/AEBS_server1/logs/ora/10.1.2/forms
(server1 is the server name and AEBS is the application name)

Is there anything we do wrong? Can it be the permission issue to the directories or something else?

We have linux as platform.





The Profile Option: ICX: Forms Launcher setting which you have mentioned

is for playback. You would playback only after you have done the recording and edited the file using Forms Data Loader, that's why you are not able to find the recorded file.

What we suggest is, you create two users the same responsibilities for recording and playback. For Example

RecUser: For Recording
PlayUser: For Playback.

Then, set the Profile option for RecUser to the following

And set the Profile Option for PlayUser to the following

First Login as RecUser and open the required form and enter atleast two sample records.

Then open the file Code_comb.fdl in Forms Data Loader and populate the data.

Then transfer this file to linux server and then login as PlayUser and open the desired form. Oracle Forms will start loading the records as soon as forms is open.

And please Check file permissions on the log directory, because of no write permissions on the log directory, Oracle will not be able to create the record files.
Change the permission to 777 on the log directory if no write permissions are there.

For further help regarding how to record and playback please see the web page

Hope this helps. If not, please do write to us and we will be glad to help you.



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