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We are using Data Loader software to update data into Oracle, our ERP deployed in the company.

We have a problem with one command that seems not to be working properly.

When I select a value in a list:


And I select “Site” (as below) instead of “Fournisseur” (as above), then a new field should be appearing on the right (please see screenshot below). When I execute my HTML data load, It does not contextualize the window and the field doesn’t come up on the screen, so I cannot fill it up.


Could you please help me on the subject? We are quite in a short schedule on this, so that would be greatly appreciated to have an answer from you very soon. I attached the hdl file for analysis. Could you please also let me know what is the phone number of the support team in case we need to coordinate more?

Thanks in advance,





This happens because Oracle Apps does not fire the "onchange" event when the value is set programmatically and assumes that user will select this value only through mouse. To avoid this please use mouse clicks and keystrokes to fill in data in the list boxes or use the latest version of HTML Forms Data Loader in which we have fixed this issue. You can download the latest edition by using the link being send in a following email






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