TAB and Space Keystrokes working but not Copy & Paste






I am sending you 1 swf file this is a Video file showing what is the problem. Please drag & Drop this file on Mozilla firefox browser or IE Browser.

I have created a load. And When I run this load It does not input data in the required field but processes the TAB and Space.

Please help.



 Have you tried alternate engine by checking the "Use Alternate Method ..." checkbox in Load settings option window as shown in picture below,

dataloader alternate method

Please try this loading with this option and then respond.

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Thanks for your reply.

I just tried “Use Alternate method for Macro processing”. It is having no effect.

It is not processing the data but it processes the keystrokes. Don’t know how it will work

Can we get remote support with teamviewer?

I don’t know where we are missing the boat? Give me a time.




Even I am also confused why it is not coming. We have tested in the same scenario here in our labs and it is working perfectly.

Are you are able to type in the Value textbox manually after pressing Ctrl+Down key in the same form?

You can try inserting a delay after Ctrl+Down key.

Are you able to load in other forms. If you have tried then please try it loading in other simple forms.

Another way to check that the load is sending data into a notepad window. Please open notepad and then choose Notepad as the target window and then click Start.



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Forms Data Loader is Able to write those values in Notepad.

I can Input those values after CTRL+DOWN

But the data is not inputting in Oracle Forms.

Don’t know what to do?




We are sorry for the inconvenience.

You can try the following.

Please try to send the data as keystrokes instead of copy and pasting. For Example please enter "\" in data cells.
You can try changing the Paste key by going into settings screen.

Hope this helps.

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 The Problem we had the Yellow Bar on the bottom of Oracle Apps form.

The reason was that My Jinitiator was not certified by Oracle. That’s why Copy & Paste function does not work in those forms which have “Yellow bar” at the bottom.

So I fixed it as below. We are using IE8, Windows7, Oracle 11.5.9

1. Clear browser cache - Internet Explorer : Tools - Internet Options - delete Temporary Internet Files. Also click on Settings ->View Objects and View Files and make sure that they are empty. ‘Shockwave Flash’ objects can cause problems with Wires.

2. Log into Oracle Instance : If you still have problems you may try to get a working copy of identitiydb.obj and copy to C:\Program Files\Oracle\identitydb.obj

Clear Jinitiator jcache : On the client PC delete all files found in C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator\jcache

Also, open up Jinitiator cosole by clicking Start ->Programs ->Jinitatior Version…. : Enable Jinitiator, Check Show Java Console -> Network Access – Applet Host ->Java run-time parameters : -Dcache.size=50000000

Go to cmd : cd c:\program fiels\Oracle\Jinitiator <version>\bin\. Type : javakey -1 (will display your new trusted applet that has been signed with the appropriate digital certificate file of the instance you wish to connect to.)

4. Check the security setting on your web browser, go to Tools | Internet Options | Security Tab. Click on Local Intranet. Click Default Level. The setting should be Low. If not change it - After you change the setting to Low, click on the Sites button. The n Click on the Advanced button. Under “Add this Web site to the zone:” Type and then click the Add button. Click OK, OK, and then Apply and OK to close out of the Local Intranet Windows.

Also make sure that when you right click on Local Intranet in the Security Tab, all three settings should be chaecked : Include all local intranet sites; include all sites that bypass the proxy server; include all network p[athes. Click on Advanced and add : <Please add the path of Oracle Apps from Intranet sites>

Also make sure that If using custom security levels, enable the "Download Unsigned ActiveX Controls" option. This is done in the Security tab of the Internet Options window.

Now it is working





 Glad to know it's working.

Thanks and Best Regards,



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