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I am attempting to run a script that calls for multiple Users to run the same task. In the example below (Fig. 1), User JXG625 is logging into a QA environment, searching for an item, assigning the item to all organizations, returning to the Home page after applying the change, and then logging out. This script without issue.

The script is identical to the first line with the lone exception being that the login is different. As part of this script, after the User in line 1 has logged out and the application has returned to the login page, User #2 (MXG460) is to login and repeat the process for a different item.

I am getting the error message in Fig.2 below once the login of the second User is complete. How can I resolve this issue. Your help has been perfect so far so I am hoping that you have an answer for this one as well. Thanks.


Fig 1.



Fig 2





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Disregard. The script runs successfully when the 'Navigate to this URL after loading each row' checkbox is disabled prior to load.








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