I am currently investigating whether or not this tool can be utilized for part number creation for my R&D planners who use Excel to create the initial Bill.  I understand how to tab between fields but I have not figured out how to go between tab.  For example what would the keystroke be for moving from the Main tab to the Inventory tab.  This is Oracle applications 11i.


oracle 11i form




Have you tried Control + Tab i.e. \^{TAB} keystroke. You can use the Ctrl+TAB key combination to move between Tab Pages in Oracle Apps 11i.
Please get back to us if the above doesn't work.  





Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I tried the command and here is the results:

Data being loaded:

dataloader sample sheet 


date being loaded:


oracle apps master item form


When Data Loader it gets to the \^{TAB} in the loading process  it jumps to the Oracle navigation screen and gets stuck.


dataloader example 


I need it to go to the Order Management Tab and the Default Shipping Organization field and load names Inventory Organization.


oracle apps11i sample form 




From there I need to go to some other tabs as well. I can get to the correct tab by using the \{TAB 125} command but it is slow, hoping for a fast way.... Basically the \^{TAB} did not seem to move me to the next tab.



Thanks for the screenshots.

The Control+Tab keystroke should work. If It's not moving to the desired Tab Page but navigating between Oracle Windows means we are sending a Ctrl+TAB keystroke before moving the cursor to a field in Tab Page.

Please ensure you are sending a \{TAB} keystroke before \^{TAB}, to first move to a field in the Tab Page and then Ctrl+Tab keystroke.

Another keystroke you can use to move to Next Block (Tab Page) is \+{PGDN}. Please try it.




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