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I have downloaded trail version of Download Forms Data Loader Ver. 3.6 from your site and installed into my system. Then i open Forms Data Loader (Trial Edition)
and imported .csv into data loader and press "Start Loading" button, it shown the window where i selected "selected target window" as my Oracle forms window then i clicked "Start" button. It was loading a data only the first row of my oracle forms. it could not go through each rows till the end.

Please do tell me the actual workflow of DATA LOADER.

Please find the attachment screenshot.




To load data into any Windows Form through Macro Loading. Please do the following.

1. Open your target Oracle Form and Place the cursor in the First field and left this window open.
2. Start Forms Data Loader (FDL) and click 2nd button from left on the toolbar "Create Load by recording Macro"
3. Then You will get record window. Please click the "Start Recording" Button.
4. Switch to already opened Oracle Form window and enter a sample record. (It is recommended to navigate between fields by using keystrokes rather than mouse)
5. After you have finished entering a sample record. Please save the record by pressing Ctrl + v i.e. Save and proceed.
6. Now switch to FDL Record window and click stop recording and click "Create Load" button.
7. In the FDL sheet populate the data from CSV or Excel in the corresponding columns
8. Fill the keystrokes columns by clicking "Auto Fill" menu.
9. Click "Start Loading" button to start loading in Oracle Forms.



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