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 I have purchased a professional license for forms data loader. I need some support for data uploading for Data Loader.

How can I get the report for the Line Items record by status successful/failure?



Thanks for the email.

If you are using Data Loader (FDL) Record and Playback feature then, you can record a file while playing back. This recorded file can be treated as log and can be opened in FDL to know which records were loaded successfully.

If you are using HTML Forms Data Loader (HDL) for loading data into HTML forms then HDL will mark the successfully loaded rows with green color and failed rows with red color. After loading is finished you can view the spreadsheet to find out the status.

If you are using Macro Loading i.e. using keystrokes then I am afraid there is no way you can know the status. The user has to keep an eye on the system to find out the status.

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Thank you very much for your support.  


As discussed following is the URL for my Oracle Web App. I am interested in oracle play back feature.





Hello again,

Please find the simple steps for Forms Record and Playback.

Step 1. Record the file

Please start Forms by typing the following URL in web browser


Step 2. Navigate to the desired form and enter at least two sample records.

Please follow the given rules while entering sample records.

Guidelines for Recording Loads.

* Please enter at least 2 similar records. i.e. enter the data in same no of fields in the same order in both the records.
o If you have entered data in 10 fields in first sample record then enter data for 10 fields in second sample record also. Do not skip fields and do not use extra fields while entering second record.
o Do not use different ways to select check boxes or radio boxes. If you have used mouse to select a value for a check box or radio box field then use mouse to select the same check box or radio box field in second record. If you have used keyboard then use keyboard to select check box or radio box fields in both the sample records.
* Use Keyboard shortcuts as much as possible instead of mouse clicks while recording
* Enter data directly in LOV fields as much as possible instead of selecting from LOVs
* Do not switch between forms while recording
* Exit Oracle Application as soon as you finished entering sample records.
* For Drop down lists enter as many sample records as different values in the drop down list you want to use.

Step 3. After you exit the Forms. Please search for the recorded file rec1.fdl in the forms application server machine.

Step 4. Open the recorded file (rec1.fdl) in Forms Data Loader. The FDL will ask you to identify the first and last field of your sample record.

Step 5. Now remove the sample records and populate the sheet with your own data from Excel or import from CSV file.

Step 6. Save the file as play1.fdl

Step 7. Move the play1.fdl file to the same directory where you found the recorded file "rec1.fdl" in the forms application server.

Step 8. Now start the Oracle Forms in playback mode by typing the following URL


As soon as the forms start it will start loading the records.

Hope this helps. You can also visit our website for more information

Thanks once again and if you have any questions please do write to us and we will be glad to help you.



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