How to load data into Oracle Java Applet forms.




We have bought some months ago a version of professional forms data loader.

We are currently using this software in Oracle R12 environment for HTML forms and it works very well.

However we would like to know how your products can be used when the page in which the data must be loaded is different as HTML forms in Oracle?

(please see enclosed the kind of pages which I think this pages are in JAVA).

The data which must be loaded are billing data in AR environment.

Could you please check this and revert to us as soon as you can,

Many thanks in advance for your reply,





You can use Forms Data Loader tool to load data into Oracle Traditional Forms (Java Applet forms). You can use Macro Loading method (simulated keystrokes) to load the data in any windows forms.

Here are the steps for loading data using macro loading method.

  1. Start your Oracle Form and move the cursor to the starting field

  2. Leave the Oracle Form window open and start Forms Data Loader Professional Edition

  3. Click "Create Load by Recording Macro" button on toolbar.

  4. Click Start Recording

  5. Now enter a Sample record in the Oracle Form (Please use keystrokes as much as possible to navigate between fields)

  6. After you have entered all the fields save the record in Oracle Forms by pressing Ctrl+V or equivalent keys

  7. Click Stop Recording button and click Create Load button

  8. FDL will create a sheet with the all the keystrokes you have entered

  9. Now populate the data into in the sheet from Excel by clicking "Paste Skipping key columns"

  10. Click "Auto Fill" menu to auto fill all macros

  11. Click "Start Loading" button to start loading



Please note that the Macro Loading is not 100% accurate as HTML loading and you may also need to insert time delays in between fields to avoid out of sync problems.

For more information please visit our website and for
troubleshooting loads please visit our FAQ page at

Hope this helps.




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