Issue with the HTML Forms Data Loader while loading data in html pages.






We are trying load data in the Project templates through HTML Data Load (Trial Version).
Path: Projects Implementation Super User -> Projects -> Setup -> Project Templates


oracle sample form

In Existing Project templates we are trying to update the Structures.

When we manually click on the financial and Workplan structures, internally MOUSE CLICK triggers are activated and Workplan and Financial Structure Sharing should be available.







 You cannot use Keystrokes Shortcuts in HTML Forms Data Loader (HDL). You have to directly use keystrokes. For example, If you want to send SPACE BAR key, then please use '\{SPACE} instead of *SB.

Another thing is you don't have to use macros in much of the loads because HDL will capture the items and set it directly.

But in your case, as you have mentioned, the Oracle application detect MOUSE Clicks for functionality then you have to use macros.



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