Not able to see the address bar in Data Loader Browser




I am using your tool HTML form Data Loader which is a nice tool for loading data to a HTML web page. I really like it.

I have an issue regarding HTML Data Form Loader . I am not able to upload the HTML web page in web browser of HTML form Data loader.
Do we have any method or way by which I can open the web page in my own browser and can select that web page from HTML form data Loader.



It seems you are not able to see the address bar in the Internet Explorer window of HTML Forms Data Loader (HDL). To overcome this please do one of the following

Click Capture and then click Settings menu and then Click Browser Settings. In this please check Show Toolbar checkbox and click OK
You can also use embedded browser in HDL by clicking Settings button(beside Capture button) in Toolbar and choosing "Use Embedded browser" option.

Hope this helps.

Thanks once again and if you have any questions then please do write to us and we will be glad to assist you.

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Looking for Data Loader for OAF Pages




We are looking for data loader for OAF pages. Please let us know, if your product can be used for the same. If yes, then please provide us with a trail version so that we can test it at our end and accordingly place order.



Yes we do have a special tool HTML Forms Data Loader for loading data into Oracle Self Service forms.

You can download the trial version from

For more information please visit

You can also watch step by step tutorial and demo videos, which shows the functionality of HTML Forms Data Loader, here at



Issue in entering value in Drop Down List in HTML Data Loader




I am using trial version of html forms data loader. And I am facing issue while entering data using recorded template of html DL.

I m on oracle apps supplier page and I am trying to enter bank information. while recording I am selecting site from drop down list of assignment level. Its working fine at the time recording BUT while loading data using recorded template its stuck at assignment level drop down list.

Could you please help me on this.




Regarding the issue, are you typing a value in the Drop Down list cell in HTML Forms Data Loader (HDL) or selecting a value by double clicking it's cell in HDL sheet? 


If you are typing your own value then please avoid typing the value directly into drop down list items.


Please select a value by double clicking Drop Down list cell in HDL sheet instead of typing your own value.


The HDL automatically records all the items in drop down list while recording the form.




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