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We are looking at options for loading data in HTML forms through some utility and came across your tool. But I am finding it very restricting and not been able to do any kind of testing.

I navigate down to end html form by selecting certain values in previous forms which appear as display on my final page but when I click on capture it asks there are multiple forms sand which one I want to select. If I select form 1 then ift captures only one BLANK colun and nothering else. If I select form 2 then it captures only the data fields and has no reference to DISPLAYED fields and values that were selecting during navigation process to drill down to this form… Can you let us know how this is suppose to work in case we have to drill down through different forms?



 We have just introduced a new release of HTML Forms Data Loader 24-Dec-2008. The following enhancements were made,

1) Multiple forms support is added.

Now HTML Forms Data Loader will capture items of all forms.

2) Step By Step Mode loading feature is added, which is a handy feature for debugging loads.

3) User Friendly Field Names feature is added. Now you can define easy to understand Field names for form fields.

Please download the new version from our website

Hope the tool will be of help to you.



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