How to handle Countries LOV Popup window in Oracle Web Forms




How do we prevent a popup search window from opening when we Enter data. I have attached a sample
file, please view or how do we handle this scenario as the load fails when data is entered in this sort of field.




The Oracle Apps will open a Popup window when you enter a country name like "United States" because of matching characters in country names "United States" and "United States Minor Outlying Islands"

To handle this, while recording please enter a sample record by entering the country name as United States and click "Select" radio button and then click "Select" button in popup window.

HDL will then handle these popups while playback.

And for those countries names which does not open popup windows please clear the cells for "Select" radio button and "Select" button so that HDL does not process these cells. As shown in the picture below.


handle country popup window



Copying and Pasting while loading data




We are using dataloader to enter information into JDE. We need to copy a system generated number and later paste that into another field, however dataloader seems to overwrite the clipboard with the next data element used in the sequence (e.g., we enter a date before pasting the system generated number and then when we do a CTRL+V, the date appears vs. the number we want).


Is there a setting where the dataloader doesn’t overwrite the clipboard? Please reply Thanks!




Yes you can use send data as keystrokes feature to overcome this issue. You can put a Backslash "\" to send the data as keystrokes instead of copy pasting.

Please put a backslash "\" in the date cell value in the FDL sheet for example "\01-May-13" and then FDL will send the data to target application as keystroke instead of copy pasting in the date field.



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