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Dated: 3/25/2010




I face a  problem of field data did not automatically  fill in when I used the Trial Version of HTML Forms Data Loader  Ver 2. The application I used is one of Oracle Applications call "Oracle Agile PLM for Process". Please refer to attached avi for the steps and load error.


Please help to find why it happens? Thanks a lot.   




 This error is happening because the Text Items in the said page are generated dynamically and that's why they do not have consistent name or ID.

The HDL tries to identify the item using Item ID or Name which is stored at the time of recording. Since the names and ID's are changing it is not able to set the values in the item.

One possible solution is to use Macros to set values in these items. That is you have to use \{TAB} keystrokes to navigate to these items and set the values. You can view the Demo 2 to learn how to use macros.

We are working on this issue of items changing names and will get back to you as soon as we found a possible solution.




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