Does HTML Forms Data Loader captures data in list box items?






I am hoping that you can help. I am thinking about purchasing your product but have run into an issue while utilizing your trial edition.

In the example below I am creating a script to create an item through Oracle PIM.

The steps that are displayed below are:

Selection of applicable responsibility link.
Selection of Create Production Items link.
Selection of application ICC through the Item Catalog Category field/LOV.
Highlight applicable Item Template.
Selection of the Move link.

The issue is that whatever action I attempt to do the recording isn't capturing the highlighted item template (SW_CL_LACG_FG_MTO_TDF_MAKE).

Do you have any suggestions for how I can get the script to record the selection of the item template.

I've even tried to enter the applicable item template into the finished script but when I attempt to LOAD I am getting an error.

html data loader record window


html data loader ie window





Thanks for writing to us.

Yes it does capture the list box items.

The HTML Forms Data Loader records all the items in list box or combo box items so that users can select the available item from the list in the HDL sheet.

You can select the required item by double clicking its cell in HDL Sheet.

Please double click in any cell under "Selected Template" column and HDL will open a drop down list box from where you can select your required value "SW_CL_LACG_FG_MTO_TDF_MAKE"

Hope this helps.


Follow Up




I have gotten the script to now select the desired item template (fig. 1 / fig. 2) however, it appears that there is something incorrect about the timing within the script as I am constantly receiving an error message after the item template is highlighted.


It appears that the move function either isn't happening or the Continue function is happening to quickly. In either case the error message is telling me that Oracle can't continue without an item template being selected.


I have messed with the timings (fig. 3) but if there is something further that you can suggest that would be very helpful. I have found that if I activate the Step Mode Loading that the script does run effectively but that defeats the purpose.



Fig 1


Fig 2.


Fig 3.



Thanks for writing to us.

We regret the inconvenience.

If the load is working in step by step mode then it should be working in normal mode also.

It may be time synchronization issue i.e. the speed with which HDL sends the data does not match with the speed with which Oracle Apps process the data.

This can be fixed by increasing the time in Loading Options window as show below.  


Or you can insert a time delay column in HDL sheet after those columns which are failing. You can enter time in milliseconds (1 to 65000) to make HDL wait for this much of time before processing the next cell.


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