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 I have tested your software and it works fine.


I would like to use recorded macro from some other script (nagios monitoring) and catch some output parameter - for example time in which some

recorded action has been executed. Is that possible?




Thanks for writing to us and for interest in Data Loader.

In the latest version of Forms Data Loader you can automatically run the Macro loads by passing runtime arguments. For Example if you have prepared a load and already executed it once manually and saved it by name "MyLoad.dlf" then you can automatically execute it by passing on the following command line argument from Nagios or from any program

"C:\Program Files\Forms Data Loader Trial\FDLoader_Trial.exe" -run C:\MyLoad.dlf

When you call Forms Data Loader with "run" and DLF filename arguments. The FDL will automatically load the sheet and start loading data automatically in the target window which was saved in first time execution.

You can download it and try it yourself by clicking the following link.

Note: The welcome screen comes only in Trial Edition. Once you purchase a registered version you will not get the welcome screen and the load will start automatically.

Hope this meets your requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you need any support.



Follow up Question


That works fine, but as a result I receive gui windows with information: Finished Loading...
How can I run fdloader_trial.exe to receive standar output in command line?
Because if I will receive "Finished Loading..." that means no error for nagios but if I will receive something else then I could trigger an error in the Nagios.

If that would be possible, we will buy the software immediately to get rid of the trial windows.




 If your requirement can be met by not showing the "Finish" message box after the load finishes then it is possible and infact we have customized it and you can download the customized version by clicking the following link.

But if you mean that Forms Data Loader should return with Exit Codes (like 0 for success and 1 for cancelled etc). then it needs more modifications and require couple of days.



Forms Data Loader and Windows 7 Certification






We are preparing for a Windows 7 upgrade. Would you please let me know if your product is Windows 7 certified? If so, what version specifically. If not, are you aware of any compatibility issues. We are also starting an upgrade to Office 2010 32-bit, so our focus is around compatibility with any add-ins.




Our product Forms Data Loader is completely compatible with Windows 7. Please make sure you run it with Administrator privilege.






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