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We bought the Data Loader. Currently we are running Version 3.6.0.

Is there any updated version released? If yes then how to download it?

We have to load data in Oracle APPS R12 through Record and Playback method. I was setting up the files in the Unix box. In the step 9 below I have a query.

We definitely want to see the actual fields getting populated and updated while playback is going on then what settings we should do?



To enable full screen updates. Please do the following

In the Forms Config file in application server set the following at the end the file


Hint: Please query the $FORMS_WEB_CONFIG_FILE environment variable to get the name and path of this file
Edit the ICX Forms Launcher Profile option and add the "&code=playback" to the end the string. For Example after editing it should look like



setup oracle forms for record

Hope this helps.


Which Keystroke to use to save a record in Oracle Application Form





 I have visited your web site . It was very helpful to me. I would like to know the command which should be given in the loader to save a record in the Oracle Application after loading the data. I request you to provide a solution for the same as soon as possible.




You can use *SP shortcut for Save and Proceed or you can use *Save shortcut for commit form.

You can also directly use keystroke \%F%V for save and proceed. or \^S for key commit form



Skipping Fields






hi ,

i am using trial version of your software ,i am facing some problem ,some records are getting skipped while filling and looking to convert
jpg file to excel in proper format like need to pull the name address telephone and address in excel formt.please suggest me any good software to pull the database in proper format and ocr sofware good one with 99 percent accuracy .




Regarding skipping of some fields this usually occurs when there is mismatch in the speed with which target application processes the fields and HTML Forms Data Loader sends the data. You can avoid this by decreasing the load speed. Anyhow if any rows missed the HDL marks the rows with red color so that you process it next load;.

Regarding OCR software we are reviewing the JPEG image which you have sent and we will get back to you early next week.




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