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We purchased your product HTML&Form Data Loader professional edition, and now we got an setup problem like to consult with you how to make it works.

We are in the process to Enable Oracle Forms Server Recording Feature, but you see following screen shot which I highlighted part – we don’t know how to setup a directory that allow forms server and client access both, assume we can setup a network file sharing driver, but is there any configuration file to be changed as well as Help states appsweb.cfg. We are not clear how to change a default form server path for playback and what’s required steps.

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We do need your support on this piece and instruct us detail steps. You quick response will be appreciated.






 In Oracle Apps 11i, the default directory where record and playback files are stored is "$8.0.6_HOME}/forms60/log" or "$COMMON_TOP/admin/log/[Context_Name]" in Oracle Forms Server.

If you want to use another directory, then please set the following environment variable


in the Forms Server. Please set the above variable to a directory of your choice where you want to place record and playback file, in Oracle Applications XML Context File.

After changing the Application Context file you need to run AutoConfig and restart Oracle Forms Server.

Please make sure that the directory you have chosen has proper UNIX permissions.

For more information on how to setup Oracle for Record and Playback please visit the following page at

Hope this helps.





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