How to Troubleshoot capture in HTML Forms Data Loader


10/20/2009 9:22 PM




We are receiving the below error while attempting to capture.


oracle error message




This usually occurs if you are directly copying and pasting the URL of HTML Form from your webbrowser to HTML Forms data Loader web browser, because u are not logged in from HDL web browser. To capture a form you need to start from login page in the HDL web browser


Here are some brief steps on how to capture.


1. Start HTML Forms Data Loader (HDL)
2. Click on the Capture Button. (Then a built in web browser of HDL will open up)
3. In the HDL Browser type in the URL of Oracle Login Page and click on GO button.
  (The URL which you usually type in your IE to work on Oracle Apps)
4. Enter you username and password to get into Oracle Apps.
5. Then navigate to the concerned form.
6. Click the capture button to capture the fields in the HTML forms
7. Populate your worksheet with data by importing it from CSV or delimited file or by copying and pasting from other apps
8. Save the worksheet
9. Click the Start Loading Button
10. Then a Load Browser of the HDL will open here also you please start from the login page and navigate to the concerned form
11. Click Start Loading button to start load.



Hope this helps, if not then please do write to us and we will be glad to help you.




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