How to run Oracle EBS R12.1.x / 12.2.x Forms on Firefox / Chrome / Edge browsers


Since ages we have seen that, to run Oracle EBS forms we need Java Plugin. i.e. without Java Plugin we cannot run Oracle Java Forms. In the past the Java Plugin was supported by all browsers but, slowly many browsers stopped supporting Java Plugins because it uses old Netscape Plug-in Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) plug-ins which was de-supported


Some browsers are phasing out NPAPI plug-in support. Some browsers were released without NPAPI plug-in support.  This prevents the Java plug-in from working.


So the choice for running Oracle EBS forms was limited to very few browsers namely,



In April 2017, Oracle announced the support for Java Web Start (JWS) and certified Oracle E-Business suite with Java Web Start JWS.


Data Loader Macro loading method can be used to load data into Oracle EBS Front end forms whether launched through JWS or Plugin


What is Java Web Start


The Java Web Start software provides an easy, one-click activation of applications. Java Web Start is included in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) since release of Java 5.0. This means that if you install Java, you get Java Web Start installed automatically. The Java Web Start software is launched automatically, when a Java application using Java Web Start technology is downloaded for the first time. The Java Web Start software caches (stores) the entire application locally on your computer.


With the release of Java Web Start, E-Business Suite 12.1 and 12.2 users can launch Java-based Forms from browsers that do not support Java plug-ins via NPAPI. 

You can now run Oracle EBS Java based forms with Java Web Start in the following browsers:



Java Web Start is a new way that Java runs on clients computers but this technical change is generally invisible to client users. End users will not feel any difference in Oracle EBS forms.


Java Web Start applications are launched from browsers using the Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP).

java web start vs plugin 








Step 1. Apply Patches


Patches which needs to be applied if you are using Oracle EBS R12.1


If you are using Oracle EBS R12.1 then you need to apply the following patches



You may need to apply any prerequisites patches which needs to applied before applying the above patches.


Step 2 : Enable JWS in Application tier


To enable JWS for all users you need to change the context variable "s_forms_launch_method" from browser to jws.

After changing the variable run autoconfig and restart application services.




Java Web Start now available with Oracle EBS R12.1 and R12.2

Migrate to Java Web Start from Java Plug-In Now



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